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  • What is a smart bulb?
    A smart bulb allows for controllable lighting functionality via an app
  • Are Smart Bulbs more energy efficient than LED bulbs?
    Smart bulbs are not more efficient than LED bulbs, however the scheduling and ability to control remotely allows for the lights to be turned off when not in use to help drive energy savings
  • Will the Bulbrite Solana bulb work with my Amazon Alexa or Google Home devices?
    Yes, it’s simple to pair your bulbs with Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistants. For instructions on how to do so visit the How To section of the website.
  • Do Smart Bulbs really save money?
    The ability to schedule lights for only when you need them or shut them off even if you’re not at home will help drive an efficient use of energy.
  • Can I use a Bulbrite Solana bulb on a dimmer?
    No, Bulbrite Solana bulb will only work on a standard on/off switch.
  • Will my Bulbrite Solana product work without Wi-Fi?
    You will not be able to control your Bulbrite Solana product without Wi-Fi or internet service.
  • How long does the Bulbrite Solana bulb usually last?
    With standard use Bulbrite Solana bulbs last over 10 years.
  • Can I plug my Bulbrite Solana bulb into an ordinary lighting fixture?
    Yes, Bulbrite Solana can be used in the same fixtures as any ordinary bulbs. However they are not compatible with dimmers
  • How many bulbs can I pair at once?
    We recommend no more than 12 bulbs be paired at one time.
  • Will the Bulbrite Solana product work outdoors?
    Yes, the Bulbrite Solana bulbs can work outdoors as long as there is Wi-Fi signal.
  • Will the Bulbrite Solana product work internationally?
    Bulbrite Solana products will only work in countries with 120V power.
  • Can I use Bulbrite Solana products on both Android and Apple products?
    Yes, Bulbrite Solana products are compatible on both platforms.
  • Can I control the App from my tablet?
    Yes, the Bulbrite Solana app can function from a tablet the same as it would from a mobile phone.
  • Does Bulbrite Solana work anywhere in the world?
    Bulbrite Solana bulbs are currently only for use in the US and Canada. You can however control the bulbs via the Bulbrite Solana app from anywhere in the world.

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